Snoring and Overweight

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The posture of our neck, head and even body can influence the sounds of our mouth produces during our sleep. Why? Lying in bed, our muscles relax, no longer supporting the weight of the fat in our neck. All this accumulating mass now makes pressure, obstructing the passage of air.

Imagine that you are stuck in a wet cave. The rescuers come down to look for you and lift you up with a harness. The walls of the cave are so wide that you don’t touch them in the process. If you don’t snore, your throat is wide enough so that the air doesn’t touch the walls and make them vibrate. You are in this 30% of lucky survivors who did not have to make so much effort to get out!

Imagine again that you are stuck in a wet cave. This time, the walls are too narrow for the rescuers to come down to pick you up. They hand you a rope, but you have to climb by yourself! It’s so cramped that every move is difficult. You bump into everything. On top of that, you’re slipping. Remember: it’s wet! Each of your attempts to try to reach the exit causes a friction against the wet stone, producing a not very pleasant sound. If you snore and you have a neck circumference greater than 39 cm, you are possibly in that 70% of survivors who have to work hard every night to get out of it!

Are you tired when you wake up? Do you have sleep apnea?

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