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Our mission is to relieve our clients of the discomfort, fatigue and loss of enjoyment caused by snoring. To achieve this mission, Michel Bilodeau has invented a device without mandibular advancement and made with a flexible and comfortable material that does not require any molding of the dentition.

We tried several mandibular appliances, but with each of these, we had to mold the piece to our dentition and if the molding was not done according to the manufacturers’ specifications, the anti-snoring effect simply did not work, and it became very difficult to re-mold the device afterwards. In addition, the side effects of mandibular appliances are sometimes very harmful in the long term on the teeth and the jaw if they are not installed by a specialist. The costs of consultations leave a rather bitter taste. So, we decided to create a device for our needs that were simply not met with the products already on the market. This is the basis of all creation…meeting a need!

MIRACLE-Z is an ideal alternative to all these anti-snoring mandibular products, in order to soothe the nights of your partner and by the same token, yours because both deserve the sleep that suits you. To learn more about how it works, click here.

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Michel Bilodeau

Michel Bilodeau is a regular in innovations and a passionate person. A graduate in electronics technology, telecommunications and design, he is the founding president of AMB Canada Inc. Michel is a born entrepreneur and inventor. His career has been built on the development of products and new technologies. He has a deep desire to always want to improve and perfect the materials he works with. Starting from nothing, he was able to make his place among the major players in a contingent business sector of commercial and industrial security. The success of his business pushes him to diversify his activities and leads him to create MIRACLE-Z.