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Review: Jérôme

I’ve tried several other devices, even for sleep apnea, which is really embarrassing. But it’s not for me. Miracle-Z on the other hand, it worked well; it’s not too big for me. The smallest model suits me very well.


Review: Maxime

Miracle-Z works great for me. I already was used to sleep with an anti-tooth grinding device, so no adjustment period for me. I highly recommend it.


Review: François

Not easy to sleep with something in my mouth but I persevered because I am tired of snoring, but especially, because I miss to sleep without my wife next to me. It took me a week to get used to it. I sometimes found the device next to me in the morning. But now, as I am used to it, I cannot go to bed without my Miracle-Z. It seems that I am missing something if I forget to put it on and my wife makes sure to remember me.


Review: Geneviève R.

I followed the instructions and started with the smallest of devices to get used to. After a week, I switched to the medium-sized device. I checked with my husband: I hardly snore anymore, hardly a little purr. However, I salivate more than usual. I guess it’ll go down soon.

Geneviève R.

Review: Annie

My snoring has decreased considerably, it’s quite comfortable but there is a period of adaptation. It took me two weeks to get used to it. Little trick: do not put it too deep in the mouth, only in the periphery to be comfortable.


Review Myriam

I was septic at first because I breathe more through my mouth than through my nose. But while lying on my back with the device in my mouth, my sinuses cleared in just a few minutes. I sleep much better and better with the device; you just have to get used to sleeping with something in your mouth.


Review: Jean F.

Good device, easy to maintain, a little invasive but it takes what it takes. In short, it works very well for me. I know that because I recorded myself with my phone during my sleep to check in the morning.

Jean F.

Review: Christine

I tried several models of anti-snoring device that had to be molded to my teeth, but it was not comfortable: it caused me a toothache. I read in blogs that Miracle-z was different from others, that it was flexible and comfortable, that it adapts to all teeth without molding. I was pleasantly surprised, it is very comfortable, it works well and it’s easy to maintain. I give it a rating of 5 out of 5. I recommend it to everyone!


Review: Marc C

I’ve been using Miracle-z for 3 months and I’ve noticed a huge change, I’m so much more fit and full of energy since I sleep better, obviously my wife benefits as much as me.

Marc C.