How it works

The only device without mandibular advance that works!

Skeptics ask me why Miracle-z works and the others don’t.

Well, I’ll explain the 4 reasons why Miracle-z eliminates snoring so well, and you will be able to judge for yourself.

The thickness of the Miracle-z device will keep your jaw slightly open without letting air through your mouth pass through, which has the effect of promoting the natural evacuation of mucus and dust accumulated throughout the day, the nasal passages thus cleared allow much more air to pass to the lungs. It is known that air that is channeled to a narrow channel gains speed, and the faster the air circulates near the nasal walls, the more they vibrate and emit the sound that is well known from snoring.

First source of snoring, diminished.

We inhale through the nose and exhale the humidified air from our lungs through the nose, which allows to moisten the nasal walls, thus reducing the noise of these, for example, we know that the noise emitted by a sheet of dry paper is much louder than a wet sheet of paper, which also explains why we snore more during the winter with the heating than in the summer.

Second source of snoring diminished.

The design of the device ensures that when it is between our teeth, It supports our jaw in the normal position and prevents it from collapsing on the trachea. As a result, there is more space to let air through, creates less vibration, so less snoring.

Third source of snoring diminished.

By the fact that there is only one air intake (breathing through the nose) instead of two, (mouth and nose)we avoid the collision of two sources of air that compete for the passage of the trachea, swirling in the back of the throat and causing vibrations in the palate and larynx. This phenomenon can be compared to that of overtaking a heavy truck by car where we feel the effect of the conflict of two sources of air for the same passage. This phenomenon on a smaller scale is therefore diminished.

Fourth source of snoring diminished.

Snoring is not just the case of a single cause, but of several small causes that add up. Miracle-z understood this and developed its technology to counter snoring in this sense. That’s why Miracle-Z is so effective at reducing snoring.

It’s all these little battles that give such an impressive result.

A better night’s sleep awaits you…

No pre-molding
Non mandibular advance device
3 adjusted sizes
Soft material
Without hinge