Sleep Apnea

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There are several forms of sleep apnea… and about 1 in 10 people have it.  Sleep apnea is not always accompanied by snoring, but it is usually accompanied by fatigue upon waking up, due to micro-awakenings, respiratory arrest or choking.

Imagine that you are running an estimated 8 hours on a beautiful bike path… 8 hours is your sleep time. You are in good shape, and it’s normal: you do the same race every day. On top of that, the route is clear: an orange line tells you where to go. It’s simple. When you get there, you’re proud of yourself. So you wake up full of energy and ready to face a new day. You are in this 90% happy runner!

Imagine you’re doing the same 8-hour run, but on a slightly dark forest trail. There are holes, roots and bumps everywhere. So you have to slow down! You work hard to avoid the worst. Sometimes you have to stop to make sure you’re going in the right direction. Sometimes you get into something and you fall. Sometimes you get hurt. At your destination, you are K.O. and you only want one thing: to rest.

Are you tired when you wake up? How is your circadian cycle?

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