Circadian Cycle

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Whether you go to bed early or go to bed late, do you sleep and get up at the same time every day? If so, is getting out of bed in the morning easy? If so, your internal clock is going perfectly!

Otherwise, the best way to adjust your circadian cycle is to expose yourself to natural light in the morning.

Imagine camping under the stars in a bivouac. You have just spent the day walking in nature and now you are looking at the thousands of stars in the sky. The network is bad, there are no mosquitoes and there are no suspicious noises. No stimulus in the area, your eyes naturally close and you fall asleep. The next morning, you feel heat on your skin and the sun’s rays pass through your eyelids. It’s time to get up and start your morning routine.

Don’t have the time or the desire to sleep in the forest? Just make some changes at home:

  • Install curtains on your bedroom window. The morning glow of the sun will not go unnoticed!
  • Put a MIRACLE-Z in your bed neighbor’s mouth. You don’t want to be disturbed while you sleep!
  • Turn off your phone. The blue light on the screens disrupts the circadian rhythm…

How does snoring affect the circadian cycle?

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