How Does Snoring Affect the Circadian Cycle?

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Did you know that you spend a third of your life sleeping? Why? To recover. After a busy day of physical and intellectual activities, the body must rest and recharge… But now snoring comes to disturb everything.

Whether you realize it or not, snoring causes nocturnal awakenings, thus fragmenting your daily sleep of 7, 8 or 9 hours. On top of that, as you turn 40, be aware that your deep sleep may begin to decline. What is the consequence of this? You wake up more easily because your sleep becomes lighter.

A “normal” night’s sleep for your circadian cycle should consist of two phases: slow-wave sleep and REM sleep. The first is made up of four stages of more or less deep sleep, while the second is when your dreams arise.

Deprived of your sleep, you will accumulate sleep debt and damage your circadian cycle, thereby affecting your day-to-day abilities. This is why we must favor quality rather than quantity when it comes to sleep.

How to live with the sleep of others?

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