Why Do We Snore?

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Many of us have been there; we prepare for bed, close our eyes, fall asleep and start snoring. Or worse, the person sleeping next to us starts snoring! In both cases, someone will have a bad night’s sleep.

Most snoring and obstructive sleep apnea occur when
your air passage becomes narrow or blocked. When we are awake, this air passage is open, allowing us to breathe normally. But when you sleep, snoring starts as soon as your muscles relax, and creates a narrower air passage. Air passing through a narrower opening causes tissues to rub together and make the familiar sound of snoring.

Why does it matter?

Sleep is essential to the functioning of our human body. During the day, no matter what the cycle of the day means in your situation, we distribute energy, either through bodily functions or through physical exertion. Thus, rest is part of the daily cycle. Any disruption of the cycle means that your body will not function as it should. This can take many forms: increased stress, increased irritation, inability to concentrate, agitation.

Therefore, if you snore or sleep next to someone who is, he should be treated for a more pleasant night’s sleep.

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